Generation Iron Jon Jones Ronda Rousey Movie

Producers of Generation Iron take on the world of MMA.

Director Vlad Yudin and producing partner Edwin Mejia is heading back into the sports and fitness world with his next big feature documentary, The Hurt Business – which will feature Mixed martial arts megastars Ronda Rousey and Jon “Bones” Jones among other big fighter names.

The producers of Generation Iron will go beyond the octagon for a closer look at the world of MMA and follow the daily lives of UFC light-heavyweight champion Jones, Rousey, and former UFC light-heavyweight champion Rashad “Suga” Evans for a truly new and diverse perspective of the various lifestyles that exist in the business of MMA.


The film will also feature top MMA fighters such as Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Georges St-Pierre, Kenny Florian, Urijah Faber, Ken Shamrock, Bas Rutten, and Josh Barnett – exploring the deep rooted history and culture of MMA. The film will also get the perspectives of psychologists, neurologists, sociologists and government officials to show the other side of the fighting business in regards to the prevalence of brain trauma in the ever growing sport.

You can expect to see exclusive images and clips from the The Hurt Business right here on Generation Iron Fitness Network in the future – until then just wring your hands in excitement at the thought of a in depth look at the ever growing sport of MMA.