Write For Generation Iron


Do you have a passion for writing about fitness, nutrition or supplementation?  Generation Iron is looking for creative and polished writers that can provide readers with take home tips, quality advice and fresh insights into training and diet. We are also seeking tasty and easy to make healthy recipes.

Content we are looking for should include:

– Muscle building, training articles and guides that are rich with take home advice and/or tips.

– Nutrition, supplementation articles and guides that provide readers with meal plans, specific recommendations and/or tips.

– Healthy recipes that include detailed macronutrient counts per serving along with a quality high resolution photo.

– Specific workout plans designed to help men and women build muscle, lose fat, improve sports performance, increase strength, bring up weak body parts, and improve their general conditioning.

– Fat loss, weight gain articles and guides that assist men and women in reaching their goals.


General Submission Criteria

Generation Iron is looking for submissions that are:

– Professionally edited prior to submission.

– Free of spelling and common grammar errors.

– Devoid of punctuation, capitalization and apostrophe errors.

– A minimum of 500 words in length. This applies to articles only. Workouts and recipes have no minimum word length, as long as the content is clear and comprehensive.

Workouts. Workouts require no minimum word length, but must provide a reasonable explanation of unusual exercises or protocols. For resistance workouts we highly encourage inclusion of information regarding training intensity. Resistance workouts, in some way, must tell the reader how hard to work a set and/or when to add weight.

Recipes. Recipe submissions must include yielded servings, macronutrient count (protein, carb and fat grams) per serving, calories per serving and a quality high definition photograph.

Text and Image Submission Formats

Text must be submitted in a format that can be accessed with Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer or Google Docs.

Images must be larger than 800×800 pixels in size, and submitted in one of the following formats:


– Jpeg



Ready to Submit?

Please send all submissions to the following email address: info@generationiron.com

Generation Iron receives a large number of submissions, so please be patient. Expect a response within 1-2 weeks.

Not all submissions are accepted. If your article is rejected, the editor will provide suggestions on how to improve it. After these corrections are made you can then re-submit the same piece.

Submissions must be accompanied with the following:

  • An author bio of at least 100 words, but not exceeding 2,000 words. Your bio can include videos, multiple pictures and links to your social pages, website and products – within reason.
  • A quality author picture.
  • Articles must also contain a brief synopsis explaining the main point or purpose of the submission. This is not required for recipes or workouts.

Thank You

Now that you have made a submission, know that our doors are always open to you. There is no limit to the number of articles, workouts or recipes that can be submitted as long as the content is high quality.

We look forward to building a mutually beneficial relationship with you, that places our readers and their goals as a top priority.